Quality Management



In the interest of providing a product of the highest quality we have invested in a comprehensive Quality Management system. We are continually evolving to strive to excel as a centre of excellence.
  1. We employ a comprehensive QA & Self Inspection Program that ensures compliance to Health Canada.
  2. We administer a thorough Quality Control process that validates the data we produce.

Quality Assurance

Woodstock Biomed’s Standard Operating Procedure’s illustrate the level of GPP compliance and covers all aspects of the facility, laboratories and Quality Systems.
  1. All SOP’s are compliant to Health Canada
Quality Audit Program of all areas to ensure compliance to Health Canada.
  1. Self-Inspections are conducted to maintain compliance.
  2. External Audits are client driven; we ensure that all vendors and suppliers provide Woodstock Biomed starting materials of the highest quality.

Quality Control

Woodstock Biomed’s QC process focuses on:
  1. Ensuring lab results are precise and accurate consistently.
  2. Ensuring that incorrect lab results are detected.  All data points are captured in an audit trail.
“Continually evolving to create, develop and set the standards in analytical and microbiological testing”. Our Quality testing and practices advance as the medical marihuana industry expands.  

Extensive Good Manufacturing Practices training of personnel ensures:

  1. Traceable receiving, sampling, testing, storage and analysis.
  2. Qualified and calibrated equipment and analytical instrumentation.
  3. Current Change Control and Deviation Control.
  4. Organized and robust system for Out of Specification Results.
  5. Excellent Record Keeping.
  6. Good Documentation Practices.
Frequent Quality Meetings to provide an open forum for all activities.


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