General Information


  1. Patients can access marihuana for medical purposes from any single licensed producer.
  2. Patients are only permitted to be a customer of one licensed producer at a time.
  3. Patients can transfer as a customer to a different licensed producer for any reason.
  4. To become a patient under the ACMPR two documents are required:
    1. Licensed Producer Registration Form
    2. Medical Document from Registered Practitioner
  5. Practitioners authorize a daily amount for a period of up to one year.
  6. Maximum 150g per order at any given time.
  7. Order cannot exceed more than 30-day supply.

MMAR Patients

  1. Register as a customer with a licensed producer by filling out the standard documents.
  2. Authorization To Possess (ATP) can be used in place of medical document until the Valid Until or Expiry Date, whichever comes first.


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