Why Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?

The medicinal properties are located in the heads of resin glands that concentrate to the floral clusters produced during the flowering period of a marihuana plant’s life cycle.

These dense clusters are highly susceptible to molds and mildews as the centers of the clusters do not receive adequate airflow and create ideal conditions to trap and harbour contaminants. In order to deem the product “safe” other production facilities must gamma-irradiate and/or macerate the product before sale. This is unacceptable by our standards.

The answer is to never expose cannabis to an environment that contains contaminants throughout the entire production process. This requires advanced clean room technology and pharmaceutical manufacturing principles during all facets of production from seed to sale. On-site microbial, chemical and analytical laboratories for real time results to ensure a biological free production process.

We need to remove all biologicals to guarantee contaminants are never present in the environment. Spores are easily trapped in the clustering flowers as the plant grows. These spores will remain present and  easily spawn into a mold outbreak during drying and final packaging as they are ideal environments. Due to the nature of marihuana, and the delicate location of the medicine, it cannot be washed off or sanitized like a vegetable. Marihuana is being used for medical purposes and needs to be produced accordingly.  


Laboratory Testing

We have on-site microbiology, chemical and analytical laboratories to aid in ensuring our facility remains biologically free of contaminants. Real-time lab results can ensure our pharmaceutical standards are constantly maintained.

On site testing is especially important for harvesting a world class product. There is a week-long window to harvest when cannabinoid levels peak as THC begins to convert to an undesirable form and CBD levels shift. With on site laboratory we can take multiple samples throughout this time frame and get instant results to determine the ideal harvest time. Cannabis harvested earlier in this time frame will have different effects than cannabis harvested later. This is something not achievable with simple visual inspection and even with 3rd party testing that takes days or weeks to get test results.  


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